.Windows 7 and Windows Vista users who experience problems running Album Express:


1. QTCF.dll Error:

      Run QuickTime and upadate to the latest release.


2. Album Experss won't run:

      Go to  C:\program files\Album express 4

      Right click on "Album express 4.exe".

      Choose "Properties".

      Set to " Run application as administrator".


3. Album Experss crashes while working in Windows 7:

     go to the Control Panel

     user Account and Parental Controls

     user's Account

     change the settings of your User Account, 

     take and drag the cursor down

     click "OK"

     restart the computer.

Album Express

For those who want to be a part of the creation and design the album pages, we offer a free album design software.


The software is easy and flexible to use, and includes a wide range of templates, masks, frames, backgrounds and digital creative tools.



Click to download Album express User's manual

Click to download

Save the file. once saving is complete, open the file and run "Autorun.exe"

Click to download


1. Save the .DMG file.

2. Double-click the .DMG file to open it. Another new icon with a name similar to the .DMG file will appear.

If a new Finder window doesn’t automatically appear, double click on the new icon that has appeared on your desktop. A Finder window will appear.

3. Locate your application’s icon within this new Finder window. 

    Drag and drop it into your “Applications” directory.