Laserlink digital albums is all about economy digital albums for photographers and graphic designers.

We are dedicated to creating unique, keepsake premium photo digital albums that showcase special events and milestones in life, for economy prices.

Our reputation reflects our philosophy and commitment to excellence that shines bright.


We like to view our album workshop as a special deposit, bringing together the crucial elements of tailor-made solutions, state of the art equipment, top-quality materials, creative working environment, experienced and skilled staff, all in house production processes and handmade finishing that makes a product stand out.


Big words aside, ordering a digital album can be a long and tedious process. That is why we offer a highly streamlined method that saves you time, energy and, most importantly, frustration.


We strive to deliver premium quality digital albums to professional photographers and graphic desiners, as easily as possible, regardless of location.

For us, creating an album is not about designing, printing and binding. 

It's about telling a story and we take great pride in our work.


Professional photographers and designers -please sign up and explore our special offers and services.