Other than great albums, Laserlink specializes in digital album manufacturing platforms, folding machines, software and digital album materials such as covers, hot glue sheets, album boxes and suitcases.


Equipment and materials for manufacturers



Photofast is a simple and versatile automatic gluing in machine able to glue pre-folded photos, with the insertion of a board piece support, if required.


The machine has 2 separate and independent hoppers with automatic feeding (Photos and board support).

Unit set up with special “save photo device” assuring any damaging to the photo.

Perfect lay flat opening in order to show uninterrupted “panoramic pages”.

It’s an ideal machinery to form professional photo books (even in big sizes), digital albums, photographical blocks and children books. It’s set up with a special device to save the photos avoiding any damaging.


Minimum size: 200mm H 150 mm W (other sizes on request)

Maximum size: 480 mm H 400 mm W

Speed: Up to 30 cycles/minute

Fast Change over size and no tool or mechanical parts to substitute.

Manual album manufacturing platforms


We offer 3 manual models of professional digital albums manufacturing machines:

MAS300 - 40/45

DAS101 - 40/45

DAS201 - 50/60


The album manufacturing process is designed simple and allows the production of top quality albums.The machines are ergonomically designed, easy to use and rely on advanced safety mechanisms.





In order to provide our customers comprehensive solutions, we offer a variety of software for album design, calendars and more.


The software by SPC – International is an important and integral part of the work process.

Just like equipment and material, we consider ourselves committed to providing our customers the most advanced solutions in software.