What kind of albums do you produce?


We produce digital lay flat (flush mount) albums printed on high quality photographic paper.

The albums are covered to your choice from our cover catalog.


How does it work?


Decided to work with us? great. Please sign up in our website. You will be given access to our design software, cover catalog and pricelist.

You can choose 1 of 3 ways to design your album:

1.  Download our free design softeware Album express and design your album.

2.  Send us your album files you designed yourself (JPG files, RGB, 300dpi).

3.  Choose one of our designs and have us deisgn your album for you.


When your files/Album express project are ready - send it, choose your album(s) size and quantities and your desired cover and fill in our order form.

Once your albums are ready, we will send you a prfoforma invoice followed by a Paypal link for the payment. 


How long does it take?
Once the order and the files are received, It takes us 3-5 business days to produce the albums.

Delivery takes additional 2-4 business days. We ship our albums with EMS worldwide.


Do you make any changes to the files in the printing process?
Normally we fix the pages' brightness and in extreme cases, we make some color adjustments.

You can also download our monitor calibration print and calibrate your monitor to match the print we send you.

In this case, please ask us not to make any changes to your files.


How can I order more copies of different sizes?
When ordering your album, you can order additional copies of different sizes for discounted rates.

There is no need to send more files in different sizes, the change is always proportional and is being done by us.


Can I produce a sample album?


We believe sample albums are your tool to sell and show your clients your work and the versatile cover options.

​We also know that the more you sell, the more we sell so we promote sample albums by giving 30% discount off our pricelist (excluding shipping).

The first page in a sample album will be water marked in the corner with "Sample album" text.


How can I add a Live-link video to my albums?


Live link can really add an extra dimension to your albums. if you want to add a Live-link video to your album,

send us the relevant video - 16:9 ratio mp4 file, 2 minutes max. For best impression, we recommend short videos.

Also make sure to send us the trigger image - for best results, use the same 16:9 ratio not sparse jpg file.

We recommend using an image as similar as possible to the video's first frame.


What about warranty?


It is very important to treat the albums right. that means not exposing them to direct sunlight, liquids and extreme humidity level. Store your albums in a cool dry place.

If for some reason, one of the album pages got wet, make sure to let it drt completely before closing it again.

It is always better to keep your albums laid horizontally and not standing vertically.

Having that said, we provide lifetime warranty for our albums as long as they were kept according to our instructions.

If you received a damaged album, please contact us right away.